Double Lid Cases

Double Lid Cases

Be it a less fragile equipment or a highly delicate equipment, SAARC’s Double Lid Cases offers advanced solutions for the  storage , transport  and field usage of critical equipments.

SAARC’s Double Lid Cases, are used for field deployment of Communication equipments like Amplifiers, Medical Testing Equipements, and Electronic Equipements. With reinforced edges and corners, our watertight cases are crafted  to withstand varying degrees of shocks.

Built with long lasting, non-corrosive latches, hasps, SAARC Double Lid Cases  promises to safeguard everything you care.

The double lid case series are available from 3U to 24U.

  • Features
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • Available Colors


  • CEMILAC and DGAQA approved for selected models.
  • Built with Eco friendly PE Roto molding Technique
  • Lightweight for swift movements
  • Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof and Moisture Proof
  • ‘U’ frame is available at aluminum and steel.
  • Inbuilt shock mounts are provided to absorb shock and vibrations.
  • Stackable within the models.
  • Trolley wheels are available at selected models.
  • Humidity indicators are available as per the requirements.
  • Lifting hooks to be provided for lifting using cranes.
  • Front and rear Detachable lid is available to easy handling of equipment’s in field usage.
  • Automated pressure equalization valve to adjust to varying challenging altitudes
  • Resistant to Dents and Scratches
  • UV Resistant and Antistatic
  • Comfortable grip handles for hassle free carrying
  • Completely customisable Foam Cushioning.
  • Bulk production in short lead times
  • Made in India

Dimensions and Weights

  • Exterior: 450(L) x450(W)x 575(H)mm to 605(L)x1220(W)x990(H)mm.
  • Interior: 360(L)x360(W)x365(M) + 80(F&R LID )mm to 540(L)x1160(W)x780(M)+65(F-LID)+135(R-LID)mm.
  • Weight: 10 kgs to  40 kgs (WITHOUT FRAME).
  • Body: PE (Material built-with)
  • Latches : SS 304 (Material built-with)
  • Handles : SS 304.
  • Temperature Range: (-30 TO +75*C)
  • Buoyancy: …….. (lbs/kg) (NOT REQUIRED)

Available Colors

  • Olive Green
  • Dove Grey
  • Black
  • Blue

We at SAARC Cases understand the unique nature of every mission and the challenges that comes along with it. Hence, we provide a variety of customized case options so as to empower your every mission.

Looking for a Custom Protective Solution? Contact us today for a quote.