Military Trunk Cases ( Universal Footlocker )

Military Trunk Cases ( Universal Footlocker )

Our Engineers at SAARC have designed the perfect Universal Footlocker. SAARC’s Military Trunk Case is an all purpose multi utility, rugged, rotomolded, waterproof military grade footlocker.  Our Military Trunk Cases can be used to store any valuable equipments / gadgets / items and to protect it from any harsh weather conditions. It’s the perfect Soldier’s Combat Footlocker.


Soldier’s Military Trunk Case (MTC) can be a multipurpose usage model, for use by Students for storing books and belongings, Sportsmen for keeping sports equipment, Musicians to safe keep instruments while traveling, Climbers for gear, Tool Technicians for toolkits, Videographers for storing and traveling, Audio graphers for safe keeping while transit, Doctors and Medical Professionals for mobile medical equipment, Bankers for transporting cash and documents , Telecom professionals for transporting equipment, hobby enthusiasts for storing and moving drones & surveillance equipment, Mechanics to store tool kits for servicing or Engine repairs, Legal and Police for safekeeping evidences in a crime Investigation and the possibilities are endless.


SAARC’s Military Trunk Cases comes in two different models – ………………………..

  • Features
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • Available Colors


  • CEMILAC and DGAQA approved
  • Built with Eco friendly PE Rotomolding Technique
  • Lightweight for swift movements
  • Castor wheels for easy portability
  • One handle to use it like a trolley
  • Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof and Moisture Proof
  • Automated pressure equalization valve to adjust to varying challenging altitudes
  • Resistant to Dents and Scratches
  • UV Resistant and Antistatic
  • Comfortable grip handles for hassle free carrying
  • Completely customisable Foam Cushioning
  • Bulk production in short lead times
  • Made in India

Dimensions and Weights

  • Interior: …….x…….x…….(cm/in)
  • Exterior: …….x…….x……(cm/in)
  • Weight: ........(lbs/ kg)
  • Load : …….. (lb)
  • Body: …….. (Material built-with)
  • Latch: ……..(Material built-with)
  • Temperature Range: (……-.......) (F/*C)
  • Buoyancy: …….. (lbs/kg)

Available Colors

  • Olive Green
  • Dove Grey
  • Black
  • Blue

We at SAARC Cases understand the unique nature of every mission and the challenges that comes along with it. Hence, we provide a variety of customized case options so as to empower your every mission.

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