Special Tailor Made Cases

Special Tailor Made Cases

Blended with the state-of-the-art features these cases serve in and out of the fields. Incredibly light in weight, these cases are quickly deployable.  With exceptional shock resistance, originating from the hands of our design engineers, travelling with our testing experts and dedicated team, SAARC Custom made Cases helps you to protect mission and lifesaving weapons and tools. Journeying across different terrains puts your lifesaving and nation protecting weapons and tools through some extremely abusive conditions. All our cases are put through harsh testing environments.

With ample products to explore and choose from, we ensure that our expertise will far exceed your expectations.

Build your Dream Case now!

The special purpose tailor made case series  are available depends upon the requirements.

Custom made foam / shock mounts / isolators are also done depending upon the requirement of the customer’s needs and Equipment shock level.

  • Features
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • Available Colors


  • CEMILAC and DGAQA approved (single case only)
  • Built with Eco friendly PE Roto molding Technique
  • Lightweight for swift movements
  • Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof, fungus proof and Moisture Proof.
  • Stackable within the models.
  • Trolley wheels are available at selected models.
  • Humidity indicators are available as per the requirements.
  • Silica gel box to be provided for keep silicon inside the case.
  • Lifting hooks to be provided for lifting using cranes.
  • Forklift provision are available at selected models.
  • Detachable / non detachable lid is available to easy handling of Equipements.
  • Metal stiffeners shall be provided to extra strength to the containers.
  • Automated pressure equalization valve to adjust to varying challenging altitudes
  • Resistant to Dents and Scratches( not required).
  • UV Resistant and Antistatic
  • Comfortable grip handles for hassle free carrying
  • Completely customizable Foam Cushioning
  • Bulk production in short lead times
  • Made in India

Dimensions and Weights

  • Exterior: 950 x575x 525mm to
  • Interior: 860x490x380(B) +115(T)mm to 8290x1090x280(B)+630(T)mm.
  • Weight: 20 kgs to 400
  • Body: PE (Material built-with)
  • Trigger Latches : SS 304 (Material built-with)
  • Handles : SS 304.
  • Temperature Range: (-30 TO +75*C)
    • Buoyancy: …….. (lbs/kg) (NOT REQUIRED)

Available Colors

  • Olive Green
  • Dove Grey
  • Black
  • Blue

We at SAARC Cases understand the unique nature of every mission and the challenges that comes along with it. Hence, we provide a variety of customized case options so as to empower your every mission.

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